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July is over and so is the Rough Trade Little Black Dress Challenge. I Sentinelized three (well, four) fandoms, and
have posted the stories on both my Wordpress site and my AO3 page.

Technically, I failed the challenge even though I finished all three required stories; the word count was 10 000 - 15 000 words maximum, and all three of my works were over 15 000. I suppose that might be one of the definitions of failing up.

Heart of Iron and Ice
MCU - Female Tony Stark/Loki wordpress ao3

Seeing Clear
Criminal Minds/NCIS - Female Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo wordpress ao3

Senses of Magic
Harry Potter - Female Harry Potter, no pairings wordpress ao3
darkseraphina: (Wedded Kiss)
July is a Challenge month on Rough Trade, and for the second year in a row that challenge is Little Black Dress - because you can Sentinel anything in fandom.

I'm participating in this challenge, which involves writing 3 seperate stories of 10 000 - 15 000 words, each in a different fandom, that crossover with or fuse with The Sentinel. If you have no idea what The Sentinel is...I cannot help you. Obviously, you are not part of fandom, the internet, or reality.

My contributions will be:

Female Tony Stark/Loki

Female Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo

Female Harry Potter, no pairings
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Title: Future’s Past
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: fem!Harry Potter/Orion Black; others mentioned
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Genderbent, Always a Different Sex, Time Travel
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Genderbent, if that isn’t your thing; canon-level violence (which is pretty violent, let’s be real here); character death (offscreen); adult language, seriously people I swear like a sailor and so do my characters; Paganism and non-traditional religious views (because let’s be honest, a society that went into hiding because of witch burnings is going to have a slightly different view on the Abrahamic faiths than, say, most of the Western Hemisphere)
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns everything. Seriously. If you recognize it, it isn’t mine and I am definitely not making any money off this work.

Summary: Her godfather is dead. So is Tom Riddle, which appears to be the only thing anyone else cares about. Oh, and getting ahold of her, her money, and her titles. Fuck that noise. Ianthe learned how to maraud from the best, and she doesn’t intend to take this lying down.

She intends to change a single moment in time – and change the life of her godfather, herself, and the whole Wixen World. That the price for that change is all that she is, including her life? There’s always a price.

Merlin showing up and telling her that the price of her actions isn’t her death? Not part of her calculations.

also posted on AO3: Future's Past

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Title: Under This Bright Sun
Fandom: Star Trek XI/Reboot/AOS/nu!trek
Pairing/Character(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17 because boys kiss and that's dirty.
Warning(s): Sex in a hammock (Hey, maybe someone tried it and failed and now reading about it causes PTSD flashbacks. Stranger things, folks). Real Warning: First time man-on-man sex writing. You have been warned.
Summary: Only a fool would be discontent on such a world, tucked into an airy bungalow situated on a private beach, with ten days between himself and anything resembling work, and with views like this. Jim and Bones take some well-deserved shore leave.

Because the [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones meta discussions are evil and this is all their fault.

“You better being wearing sunscreen, you idiot. Do you want skin cancer?” )

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Title: What Words to Say

Fandom: Star Trek XI (AOS, Reboot, nu!Trek, etc.)

Pairing/Character: Kirk/McCoy

Disclaimer: Really, totally not mine.

Word Count: 356

Warning: OC character death, angst

Summary: [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones community Flash Fic Challenge (locked, join for pretties); prompt by [livejournal.com profile] rubynye: The first time Jim has to write a letter home because a crew member died, and Bones trying to comfort him.

Sometimes, there are no words. )

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Title: Those We Leave Behind
Fandom: Star Trek XI (AOS, nu!Trek, Reboot)

Pairing/Character: McCoy, Joanna McCoy, implied Kirk/McCoy
Disclaimer: Really not mine, not even a little bit.
Word Count: 725
Summary: [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones (lj f-locked, join for pretty pictures) Flash Fic Challenge; prompt was Leonard says goodbye to Joanna before he steps onto the Enterprise for the first 5-year mission.

She smelled of baby shampoo and strawberries, clean laundry and little girl )
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Title: The Cost of a Kiss
Fandom: Star Trek XI (AOS, Reboot, etc.)
Characters: Kirk/McCoy, Uhura, bridge crew
Disclaimer: Yeah, totally not mine. Not that anyone would ever think differently.

[info]jim_and_bones livejournal community prompt fill (join for the pretty).

Jim and Bones reunite after a threat keeps them apart for days.

Nyota wasn't prepared for this - the sight of Kirk of the thousand one-night stands, and McCoy, gruff and snarky divorcee, in a lip-lock that could've powered the warp core. Or for it to be so hot. )
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Title: Coming Home
Fandom: Star Trek XI (or AOS or Reboot or 2009, whichever your preference)
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy (there is no other in my happy world)
Summary: Between a heroes welcome and a bon voyage, Kirk makes his place on the enterprise. Short, sweet, sappy.
Posted my first comment porn on [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones for this prompt (locked journal, join for much Kirk/McCoy love)

Jim Kirk had moved a lot in his life )

Jim Kirk had moved a lot in his life )


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